Tuesday, 14 October 2008

H-hi! ...hello?

*Looks to her left* Err... What am I supposed to say? Introduce myself?! Eep!
Okaay just keep calm.. it’s only a blog - it won’t hurt you.


Right, wonderful! *claps hands* So… now to decide where to begin? Hmm…

I am Donna! ...or Dougal. Hello there! I am so freaked out right now that it's unreal. Who am I talking to? Is anyone reading this? ...Well obviously Kaylie will because I'll copy-paste it to her when I'm finished.. with an added "ZOOOOMG! Is this okay?"

Err. Okay I went off track a bit there. ^^;

Yes! I'm Dougal! I'm shy but I'm random and I love to dream. ...You might notice the tall-ish girl who likes to hide behind her hair? Were those sentences related?

Oooh I'm sensing a train of thought - this is good, yes? yes? Am I writing in a blog-ish way? Or is this more of a complete and utter ramble?
EEP! I lost it again!

Methinks that it is probably best to wrap this up before I make a total clown out of myself. Here's hoping that this is acceptable for a first entry!

Baibai for now.
- The dougalBUG

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