Tuesday, 16 December 2008

Up! Down! Left! Right! Siiiiiidewayz!! What way where we heading with this again?

Knock, knock. Dougal again. Today we be discussing the direction of art! ...or something. Left!
Er... Right..

(I'm not in the best of physical states right now. Been ill for a fair few days. Expect it to show through in this entry... No sleep and no tea has a negative effect on Dougal. *nods*
Also, Internet Explorer keeps crashing!!
Meh, I'm not in the mood for this. [EndRant.] )

Art Direction for games!


Mister Bob be an Art Director. He works very hard...

Bob is the person in charge of the game in an aesthetic sense. i.e. he will decide how it looks the visual tone, quality and style and also getting the best possible results from the artistic capabilities offered.
Bob has a lot of heavy responsibility on his shoulders. Every object, every character, every level - right down to the texture of that rock that no one would even really notice - are all indirectly linked to him. He also works closely with many other members of the team...

For instance, he teams up with the Miss Maria, the Creative Director to lay down set stylistic and artistic guidelines for the game in production. Bob then puts his head together with the Art Manager Mister George to see is those set goals are doable with their budget and time schedule.
Bob also helps the guys over in recruitment with selecting the most skilled people for the art team.

Bob is a creative soul. He has an eye for detail and he can envision how a character will look when placed in the game - decide if it fits the style... etc. Bob also has the soul of a manager... He can organise people in his team, solve problems and make educated decisions. Bob was once a simple artist and he drew a lot. However, these days he is forced to sit in his office shuffling through various paperwork. He gets paid more now though! :D


Personally, I don't think I'd like to be an Art Director. Too many decisions! And I don't like telling people what to do... Noes, Dougal could not do Mister Bob's job.
If I were to change my mind, however, then there are a few skills I would need (and a few others that would be recommended) to get the job:

- Firstly... EXPERIENCE! Both in anything Game Art related and in the industry itself. Maybe I worked as a concept artist for five years and then got promoted to Lead Artist on "Death From Below".

- Secondly. PASSION! (No, not that kind). I'd need to have an intense love of games and gaming in general and be enthusiastic about them. (MMOs in particular).

- Thirdly. SKILL! As demonstrated in my awesome portfolio bursting with awesome art! ...or rather my advanced traditional art skills - knowledge of light, colour, perspective, scale.. etc.

- Fourthly. MORE SKILL! Knowledge of 3D and game engine technology.

- Fifthly. MORE SKILL!! Photoshop skills. To the point of expertise.

- Sixthly. SKIL- No, I'm kidding. LEADERSHIP! I would need to be able to manage a team and communicate with them. Also be able to listen to my team members and encourage their artistic ideas.

- Seventhly. DECISIONS! I must learn not fear the task that is decision making! I would have to know how to communicate! And solve those annoying problems that get in the way.

- Eighthly. REFEREE! I need to be able to resolve conflicts that arise within the work place.

-Ninthly. TEACHER! I would need to know how to share my awesome skills and teach those artists less skilled than me.


This entry seems so short!
But my head is actually pounding.
And I sense zombie-mode activating...
So, I think I should at least -try- to get some sleep tonight.

I'll possibly look at it again at a later date…

-The dougalBUG.

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